Vision Zero

ITE Vision Zero Task Force


ITE’s Vision Zero Task Force, formed in 2016, comprises two distinctive groups, the Steering Committee and the Technical Working Group.

The role of the Steering Committee is to provide high-level oversight of the Task Force and its goals, as well as to work within various levels of ITE and partner organizations to disseminate news and products, and collect ideas for future Task Force work. As part of these efforts, the Steering Committee provides direct support to ITE’s Advocacy Committee on Vision Zero-related content.

The role of the Technical Working Group is to engage in the development of technical products and resources, based on initial input from the Steering Committee and the rest of ITE’s councils and committees. The Technical Working Group also directly supports the Steering Committee on the general collection and preparation of Vision Zero materials on an as-needed basis.

Steering Committee Members

The following individuals are current members of the ITE Vision Zero Task Force Steering Committee:



Richard Retting (Chair)

Sam Schwartz Engineering

Beth Alicandri

Federal Highway Administration

Russell Brownlee

ITE Coordinating Council

Annie Chang


Karen Dixon


Abraham Emmanuel

City of Chicago

David Harkey


Andrew Kaplan

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Keith Knapp

Iowa State University LTAP

Steven Lavrenz

Institute of Transportation Engineers

Jeff Lindley

Institute of Transportation Engineers

Larry Marcus

Complete Streets Council Rep

Meghan Mitman

Safety Council Rep

Robert Murphy


Leah Shahum

Vision Zero Network

Andrew Swisher

Advocacy Committee

Clay Veka

City of Portland

David Yang

AAA Foundation



Technical Working Group Members

The following individuals are current members of the ITE Vision Zero Task Force Technical Working Group:



Andrew Kaplan (Chair)

Port Authority of New York

Tim Barnett (Vice Chair)

ITE Safety Council

Collins Allan

City of Los Angeles

Neil Arason

RoadSafetyBC (British Columbia)

Geni Bahar

Navigats, Inc.

John Borkowski

ITE Safety Council

Chava Kronenberg

City of San Francisco

Steven Lavrenz


David Petrucci

ITE Safety Council/FHWA

Matthew Roe


Rebecca Sanders

Toole Design

Renee Sigel

FHWA Office of Safety

Gerard Sofian

ITE Safety Council

Dana Weissman

ITE Complete Streets Council

Robert Wunderlich

TTI/Vision Zero Toolbox