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Unsignalized Intersection Improvement Guide - Practical guidance for improving the safety, mobility, and accessibility at unsignalized intersections.

UIIG Intersection Assessment and Inventory Form

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Intersection Assessment and Inventory Form

Click the link above to download to your computer a ZIP file containing the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. (.ZIP, 0.5MB)

Once an agency becomes aware of a potential problem at an unsignalized intersection, it should analyze the intersection’s physical and operational characteristics through the collection and assessment of a variety of data elements. The UIIG Intersection Assessment and Inventory Form is developed to guide and assist the agency in conducting this analysis. The form is a downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet compatible with version 2007 and newer. In addition to an overview and instructions, it comprises a series of worksheets (tabs) that presents a variety of intersection data elements for the user’s consideration and provides user-friendly interfaces for their input. Also provided is a summary tab that summarizes all of the user’s data entries. Aside from a few required elements related to the intersection’s location, the individual data elements can be entered or omitted at the user’s discretion. If desired, an agency can build a simple database of its unsignalized intersections by compiling the summary tab data for multiple locations into a single spreadsheet.

NOTE: Microsoft recently released a security update 2553154 for Microsoft Office. With this update, some users will not be able to use buttons or controls that are used on this UIIG template. If you encounter these issues, please follow the resolution for symptom 1 in this MS article #3025036.